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Looking for capital when you are the Capital

Great Ujima:

It is time for the Toast , & man do I have a rant for you this morning. Hope you catch it, but if you don't I will be sending it out later today, or you can catch the replay tomorrow at noon. I did not have a show last night but of course that will find it way into my rant. We are confronted constantly by the failures of our ancestors, but were they really failures or are we looking at them (our Ancestors) from a positon of comfort and safety provided by them. Our ancestors had to do the impossible, and when I look at what they did through the lens of our principles I am constantly amazed. I have to face the fact that they didnt fail us, but we may be failing them! Listen in to the rant and let me know what you think...

Here is your proverb of the day:

 "By the time a fool has learned the game, the players have dispersed."

Proverb fits right in with what I will be attempting to hit on in 10 minutes. Click the button and don't forget to share:

Ujima Toast

HOT!!! Conversation & Healing

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Great Imani

Great Nia To All And To All Good Life

Here is the eMag from last week

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