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Live Your Faith by Being Imani

When we say that Imani is living your faith, we are not speaking of some religious ritual. Imani is a principle. It is a state of being. It is the way you live your life. Trying to be Imani by merely following some rules or rituals will never bring about the changes you want to see in your life. You may say you are trying to be Imani, but if you are not willing to put into practice a few fundamental principles and apply them in your everyday life, then you are not really trying to be Imani. Imani is an awesome principle to live your faith. The question I need to put to you before we start is,  how do you live your faith? You may have been taught how to pray; you may attend the mosque on Friday; you may fast during Ramadan; and you may participate in other religious rituals, but unless these things become part of who you are and how  you conduct yourself, then they hold little meaning for you. How do we apply this principle of Imani in our lives? How can we be true representatives of culture in our daily interactions with others? How can we make our lives exemplary examples of the principles of Kwanzaa? How do we turn ourselves into Gye-Nyame Men & Women in a world where we are surrounded by foolishness? Today we will present you with a list of 8 suggestions, and one super suggestion for you to work with. Get out your #NguzoSabaChallenge Self Mastery Journal or you're TOO BLACK Journal and let's get to work.

1. Open your eyes

2. Be grateful

3. Show kindness to those who are like minded

4. Change your surroundings

5. Show understanding and look for the good in others

6. Sacrifice for a greater cause

7. Discomfort is temporary, just be strong...

8. You were born with goodness, don’t lose sight of it because of the surrounding world, or dark energy from others

Super 9. Imagine it, visualize it Ignite it, use actions to speak to others about your faith Manifest it, be true to yourself and your beliefs Impact it, don’t just talk about what you believe Understand that this might take time and patience but you will succeed in the end

You can do this, but you must be determined and willing to put yourself on the line for your beliefs. If you take a stand for what is right in the midst of the world, sometimes you will find that it isn’t easy, but if you hold strong to your convictions, you will feel invincible and proud of yourself. This is what I know.

Here is your proverb:

Every time you have something good there is someone who wants you to throw it away so they can pick it.

Please don't be that foolish.

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