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Libations and Sacred Symbols Part 2

Great Ujima

We continue our discussion about the power of rituals and symbols, from a Gye-Nyame perspective. We start off sharing the how and why of libations. Libations are the cornerstone of Gye-Nyame Spirituality. They represent our relationship with the Divine. They speak to how we relate to each other. They speak to who we are in terms of our community. Then we move in to discuss some of the symbols that unite us as a tribe, as well as link us to other tribes and communities. In doing so, we'll also learn how Gye-Nyame can help us to better tap into this power.

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Also it was brought to my attention that many people do not push the link because they think that the show is over, and that they will be sent to our site, and nothing will be playing. We have fixed that issue by sending you to our podcast channel. The link will always take you to the show you want to see or listen too!

*Be on the lookout for Blunt Talk tonight at 7pm est.

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