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"Let There Be" 7 ways to ceate the life you want

We have the power to create our lives. Our creativity (kuumba) is a tool that will build us up and help us achieve the impossible when we take the time to learn to use it properly. Unfortunately many have allowed their creativity to be either hijacked and used by others, or have allowed themselves to be mastered by creativity rather than master it.

The ability to create is an innate trait of divine beings. “Let there be '' is a statement of creation in our universe. We must learn to use it in our life, and in the life of our tribe. Our goal is not only to create a life that we love but also to be able to assist others in accomplishing this feat as well. This can be done through our thoughts, emotions and actions. Conducting your mind, heart and hands in such a way that they work together in harmony with each other will allow you to gain mastery over your life and create the life you want.

Here are seven ways to tap into your creativity so that you can create the life you want.

1. Know your purpose

2. Trust yourself

3. Listen to your gut

4. Become part of the solution

5. Open the door to creativity

6. Eliminate fear

7. Connect with others

The universe belongs to us, we have the ability and resources to create whatever reality we choose. The consciousness that guides and directs us toward our highest good provides everything in abundance for those who are willing to cooperate with its creative power or kuumba. Our responsibility is to make a conscious choice towards good while not allowing the fear based stories to paralyze us.


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