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Let's talk about Nia

Great Nia:

Nia is the principle of celebrating life, of living it fully. It is about helping us get in touch with our personal power, and from that place to live a powerful life. Nia is the life force that moves through us all. We live in a time when we need Nia more than ever before.

We understand that it can be really difficult sometimes to find your purpose. Our culture has been hypnotized and numbed into passing down patterns and formulas that actually block us from tapping into the rich well of wisdom and experiences that we need. In the process of Rites of Passage that we teach, it makes it possible for you to tap into the wisdom inside of you and then draw on those ideas as you move through your day so you can begin to create a life based on your purpose.

The Tribe Discussion: What is Nia? How can it help us? Join us for a discussion about the importance of finding and operating within your purpose.

Enough of that, here is your proverb:

“Where the heart sleeps is where you're bound to go at dawn.”
Wow, fit right in with todays rant

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Nia Toast

It's time for Nia

Apply Ujamaa to your life today.

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