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Let's Talk About Kujichagulia

Great Kujichagulia:

Today is Kujichagulia day! Kujichagulia means self-determination, self-sufficiency, and self-reliance. Our principles are meant to be applied throughout the entire year...but today we are going to focus on Kujichagulia. I have been growing under this principle (I am Kuji born) and it has been evolving how I operate personally and professionally. Kujichagulia is "the ability and right of people to define and name themselves, to speak for themselves, and to represent themselves; to define their own meanings and identities; and to achieve their own purpose." Individuals who live by this principle seek knowledge and truth, and they commit themselves to creating not only a better world for others, but also a better world for themselves.

The Kujichagulia Toast is for all People of African descent [PAD] who strive toward self-determined action. Black people are the creators of our own destiny. We are free to establish our own values and determine our own worth. We have a duty to affirm the validity of our existence and our history, and to recognize that we have a unique contribution to make to society.

You've gathered the facts from your ancestors, we have been exposed to the history. You understand what you are responsible for, and why you live in the reality that you live in. But there is one important question. How can we help ourselves? Kujichagulia has a simple answer to that question, self definition. So let's build our tribe to take back from a system that is designed to keep most of us in a perpetual state of poverty.

Enough of that here is your proverb:

“The wrongdoer forgets, but not the wronged.”

Kujichagulia Toast

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Great Imani

Great Nia To All And To All Good Life

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