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Learning To Trust in Your Ability

On today's show I want to talk about you learning to trust in your ability. What that ability is, I don't know; it could be anything, but I hope it is something worthwhile because there is nothing worse than people who don't utilize the gifts they were born with. Today I want to talk about harnessing your abilities and putting them to good use. Through all of the struggles of working on one's ability, trust is a quality that is developed. When you trust in your ability, you are not afraid to fail. It does not lead you down a path of self-destruction; instead, it gives you the confidence necessary to move forward. If you have been working on mastering something then you know more than others who do not possess such abilities; this gives you an upper hand over the rest (well maybe not upper in every sense) but it can put you ahead of other people who are not aware of their abilities or have never worked on them. And even if you have been doing something else with your time like watching tv or surfing the web--hey what do I care what YOU chose--but if you feel like there are things that you need to work on, then listen up and learn because it is not to late to grow. here are some questions for those on the #NguzoSabaChallange to wrestle with:

What is your ability?

How much do you trust in your ability?

What is something you have been working on mastering that you have now learned to trust in?

Can you talk about a time when you have noticed your growth in your ability?

What has been your biggest struggle in learning to trust yourself?

Today take the step towards mastery of your ability. Turn off the tv, put down the phone and pick up a pencil (or mouse). Don't expect a free ride in life, get in there and earn your way. Create value in the world and more importantly for yourself. Here are 5 steps to build trust in your ability, and move toward mastery:

1. Commit to learning

2. Show what you learned

3. Create space for reflection

4. Don’t compare yourself

5. Ask for feedback from others

Here is the Proverb of the day:

"When a man says he does not mind, then he really does."

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