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Kuumba Toast & Talk

Great Kuumba:

For those that are new I want to welcome you, we send out a Daily Email to the FAM (which you are now part of if you choose) letting you know when we are going live or giving information about other things Gye-Nyame related. Hopefully this message catches at a good time, and brings some value to your life. We are doing what we call a Tost&Talk, this simply means that we are going to open up the lines and have conversation during the Toast. I dropping the number on you now so that you can have first access to us. Feel free to call in about any issue or question that you would like for us to address during the show. The only ask is that you wait until after the Toast.

The title of the Old Man Rant for today is "You need to Goaldigger in your life" check it out:

Here is the Proverb Of The Day:

"If your vision is for a year plant wheat, if you vision is for a decade plant trees, and if your vision is for a lifetime plant people."

Dammmmmmmn that is deep, hopefully some you will share your Insight with the Tribe... Just click right here!!!!

Toast&Talk Kuumba

HOT!!! Conversation & Healing

Join us for Sofa Chat

Great Imani

Great Nia To All And To All Good Life

Here is the eMag from last week

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