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Kuumba Run Amok

Great Kuumba Day:

Fam I am moving slow and enjoying the days before school get's on it's way. Preparing for the collision of America into reality. Many folks are super exicited and hoping that things will return to what and how it was, but I believe we have turned a corner. Where we are headed I want claim to know, but the world will never be the same. Today my rant will be focused on the misuse of creativity to create stories the uplift the individual but diminish the collective, and we have to begin to call this out. Human beings are social creatures, and the group is very important when it comes to survival, and today I well to yell about this in my own unique. Tune in now to catch me live or wait to get teh replay tomorrow at around noon.  Here is your proverb of the day:

"Whoever stands in need of honey should not be afraid of bees."

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