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Kuumba is a powerful principle that requires us to master it.

 The GNJMedia Team is a group of creative individuals with a heart for our Ancestors and seeking to develop and preserve Black culture.  We believe we were created in the image of God, and we believe that we all have creative gifts and abilities. What we do with our gifts and abilities determines who we are and to what level we succeed. Kuumba is a creative action in which the conscious mind works in harmony with the subconscious, allowing ideas to flow directly from imagination into reality. In the African-American tradition, Kuumba represents a person's ability to express his or her creative power in a systematic way for personal and community development. 

Kuumba describes the process of creating something out of nothing, and yet this principle does not require you to possess any special talent or genius to master the process. It is an expression of the inherent creative ability and potential we all possess; we simply must learn how to tap into it and here at GNJMedia our mission is to teach you how to do just that through our podcast, ecourses, and events.

Kuumba or creativity is a principle that was used in the making of this Tribe. This principle is the spinal cord of our mission.  Kuumba pushes growth. Learning how to have an open mind is expected if you are successful with growth. Black culture has been inventive since its creation. It's seen many great things happen because of our imagination, only because the people believed that they could be something..Anyone can become rich, powerful, healthy, happy, increase their quality of life by tapping into this principle.

Enough of that here is your proverb: 

"When weeds invade the land, it means the owner is absent."

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