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Kuumba has the power to move and transform

The Player’s Pyramid is designed to develop your inherent creative power. This pyramid not only contains principles for success, but also exercises to develop one's creativity. Kuumba is the creative force which originates from the divine, the infinite source of the universe. Kuumba is creative energy which can be harnessed by anyone who can tap into it. Your creativity has the power to move and transform. For over four hundred years black people have been forced to be creative. Our creativity was always the tool we used to survive and escape from bondage and white supremacy. Creativity was also the path we followed to come together as a tribe. The Pyramid serves as a visual representation of Kuumba, Black Creativity. The Pyramid is an invitation to reconnect with your heritage and open your mind and heart to embrace the principles of Kuumba and its connection to greatness."

We will explore how to tap into the power of Kuumba by improving our personal productivity, setting priorities that help us live out our dreams andTribal visions, gaining clarity on how to bring new revenue streams into our projects, improving infrastructure, supporting the education of our children and adopting a risk free method for bringing new business opportunities. We are a small tribe that seeks touse or Kuumba to create unparalleled experiences. Our attention to detail creates an experience for our members that is one of a kind. We believe that the most successful tribes are steeped in tradition, are proven safe havens, have high integrity, are places where there are significant non-financial rewards for accomplishments, have leaders who are fully committed to excellence, have strong levels of internal support among peers, and have committed members. We strive to be a tribe for you. Come and join and let's use our Kuumba to build. Enough of that here is your proverb:

"Without effort no harvest will be abundant."

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Great Nia To All And To All Good Life

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