Just Lifting Our Glasses

Great Ujamaa:

Join us this morning for the Toast. Believe it or not we are just going to lift our glasses and salute those that came before us. I am winding down and getting ready to hit next week's discussion about the “hermetic laws”. Also want to remind you that you can catch the rebroadcast at 12 noon on any of our platforms. I am currently preparing to send out part one of the audio discussion of “The Player’s Pyramid” so be on the lookout if you are one of our supporters.If  you are not either become a supporter or you can purchase the ebook and the audio will be attached. 

Oh man I just came up with a rant for today see you on the show, and here is your proverb:

“Whatever accomplishment you boast of in the world, there is someone better than you.”

Ujamaa Toast