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Join us for our live show FFGF (Folktales For Grown Folks)

Come do some wisdom mining, and let's do some building. Family it is time for us to look at one of the gems that was left by our ancestors, tonights folktale is called "the Frogs Asking For A King". Come and let's break this one down and see what wisdom we can use for our lives today. Be sure to subscribe, like, and share. Our site will be back up soon make sure that you get an account and help us build our own platform so we can have some real talk on our own digital property. 

It is time to tribe up, many of us have been kicked off of youtube, Facebook, Instagram, as well as noticing that the algorithms of these sites do not work for us. Stop being abused and come on home to GNJ.Media 



FFGF - The Frogs Ask For A King

It's time for Nia

Apply Ujamaa to your life today.

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