Imani & Leadership

Great Imani:

We are tackling this issue because on one hand, on the surface it seems to be a simple thing to say that faith is required on the part of both leaders and followers, but many times on the surface of things, there is a lot more going on. We have struggled with this concept on the show before.  We are tackling this issue because even though leaders are needed at all levels of organizations, both individuals and groups, some people find it hard to really understand how exactly they contribute to something being successful. Sometimes leadership feels top down.

 How we can really make a difference in our world is if we pay attention to what each of us is doing and stop thinking that “someone else” will fix things. Maybe it is time for us to look at how we are living our lives, who we choose to associate with, what news we fill ourselves with…If we can take a stand and do something that is good for ourselves, good for our families and good for our Tribe, then there is hope. Hope for a better tomorrow.

Imani, the principle of faith, is vital for leaders and followers alike. We want to examine faith's importance during the rant, and you may join the conversation by calling in.

Enough of that here is your proverb of the day:

"You ask for the Ancestors' help and then help yourself."

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