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I messed Up On My Fast

Great Kujichagulia:

I started my fast yesterday, and messed up horribly. I forgot, I am a constant snacker at my desk, and as I walk around the building. I got up from my desk to walk around the building and got some snacks from some of my work family. I couldn’t figure out why the granola and cookies were so good. I mean these lemon cookies literally turned me on. Then I realized I was supposed to be fasting, and it all made sense. So I sat down, refocused and began again. I am sharing my struggle from yesterday to show that mistakes happen, slip ups happen, but we can always rededicate ourselves. Don’t give up, shit happens!

This fits in with part of the discussion we will have from the pages of “Freedom Within Limits”. Today we will start with a Ha2ku that states “if it comes fast it doesn't last, if it comes slow then it is good to go!” This has been a major statement that has guided my actions for maybe 20 years, and it was a truth that I witnessed in my younger years. So sit back and listen in as we discuss this point and whatever else may pop up.

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Here is your proverb:

"He who predicts or prophesise isn't the one who causes his predictions to take shape."

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