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How To Move With Nia And Conquer Any Goal

Great Nia:

A person with a goal and a plan is far more dangerous than the strongest man in the world. A man with no plan is only as strong as his plan allows him to be. A lot of people are so used to being pushed around by society, they have no idea how to stand up for what they want. They end up getting pushed around by everyone else.What can you do if you want to become stronger and more powerful? How can you convince those around you to let you do what you want? The answer lies in your ability to move with purpose. Purpose moves mountains! Let's look at three ways you can move with more purpose, starting today:

1) Decide what it is that you want and why it's important to you.

2) Start taking action toward that goal without worrying about the step-by-step process.

3) Set aside all excuses and objections so that nothing will prevent you from achieving your goal.

Are you willing to give yourself up to 1,000 hours of commitment over the next few years? Of course, there is no guarantee that you will succeed. Only you can pull that off. But by first deciding what it is that you want and why it's important to you -- and then taking decisive action without worrying about the step-by-step processes along the way -- your chances of success will increase dramatically. Here are some questions to wrestle with especially if you are on #NguzoSabaChallenge:

What are three simple things you can do to start moving with more purpose?

What are you going to do this week to move closer to where you want to be?

What is your goal right now? How are you currently working to achieve it?

What do you want? Why is it important to you?

What are your biggest obstacles right now?

Proverb of the day:

"A man does not run among thorns for no reason; either he is chasing a snake or a snake is chasing him."

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