How to Apply the Law of Polarity to Your Daily Life

Great Ujamaa

The law of polarity is everywhere. It's in life, it's in science, it's in music, art, politics, your friends and family. The law of polarity states that everything is dual, everything has poles. According to this law everything has its pair of opposites and like and unlike are the same. Opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree. You can take any truth or fact or situation and find its opposite truth or fact or situation. But the whole thing works well together somehow because both sides are part of the same set of facts.

The law of polarity is an awesome tool that helps us understand the complexity of the nature of ideas. The law states that there are poles to all things therefore all things are dual. The opposite ends of a magnet are identical in nature, but different in degree. Opposites attract each other and like poles repel each other. The opposite ends of an idea can be used to form an opposite idea? So how do we use the law of polarity to guide our understanding? Tune in and let's............

Enough of that now here is your proverb for today:

"When a chick ignores its mother's warning, the eagle grasps it for a meal."

Ujamaa Toast