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How Significant is Righteousness?

Great Ujima:

Woke up and felt sick this morning, but after lying there I decided I could gain nothing by staying in bed. I believe that I was overwhelmed this morning with wrestling with today’s topic “Righteousness”. Righteousness is the state of being morally correct and justifiable. We are supposed to judge ourselves by what we know to be true, and by living up to the principles of Maat, we should reflect this truth in ourselves. But being in a world where truth is confused and not taught. Being in a mixed society where multiple ideas of truth exist especially in our community. It becomes all but impossible to be and practice righteousness.  Righteousness requires accountability for our actions, but if everyone is seeing something different how can accountability be enforced. 

The steps that lead us into the world of righteousness would be easy to understand. If we agreed on what was true, and a system of morality that worked for us as a people. We have to start  with an understanding of who we are and what we need, then we can build these ideas into communal actions. Over time through trial and error, these ideas will help us create a more balanced society with fewer problems. Building righteousness helps us to live not only in ourselves but with ourselves, allowing ourselves to embrace our divine nature.

Enough of that... here is your proverb:

“You cannot cure a wound by striking it gently.”

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