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How can I have Imani when I don't know who I am or why I am

great Imani:

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What is Imani? The word Imani comes from the Swahili language. It means Faith. In the context of self-discovery, Imani is the principle by which we can discover and understand who we really are on the deepest level of our being. Imani is a simple process that takes us into the very core of our being where we can discover our true purpose for being here, why we exist and what we are doing here on this beautiful planet called Earth. To define Imani in terms of discovery, it is about discovering who you are beyond what anyone else thinks you should be, or who has told you you are or even who you have defined yourself to be up until now. It is about going past all those limitations and truly discovering your authentic self that exists beyond all those definitions and limitations. Who am I? Why am I here? What am I doing here? These are questions every human being must answer for themselves in order to find true peace, happiness and fulfillment in life. To do so requires that we take a journey inward to find answers to these questions. That journey takes us deep into our own consciousness where answers to those questions reside waiting to be discovered and understood by us. So let's take a deeper look at Imani and how it works in our life. here are some questions:

Do you feel that you have a strong sense of Imani, or do you feel like it is something you are lacking?

What do you know about the principle of Imani? What does your understanding tell you about yourself and the world around you?

How do you feel Imani has influenced your life?

In what ways do you show this principle in your work?

The principle of Imani must always be expanding for it to work. Just like the sun expands, so too is this principle of Imani expansive by nature. It must expand because that is the only way that it can grow and mature into a higher state of consciousness. This means evolving and transcending beyond just words and theories. It means actualizing your faith into direct action. This also means looking within yourself, knowing who you are, and finding your true purpose rather just creating them as an intellectual exercise or exploration. Here are some keys to understanding Imani a bit more on your journey:

1. Knowing that you have the power to control your own belief and actions

2. Imani is a principle, it does not belong to any religion.

3. It is inner conviction, resulting from personal evaluation of facts and evidence.

4. Imani is living by faith that what we do has a purpose in this life and will resonate with the laws of Maat

5. Imani is being honest with oneself, accepting responsibility for ones actions

Thanking for taking the time and reading here is your proverb:

"When the cock craws the heart of a debtor skips a bit"


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Great Imani

Great Nia To All And To All Good Life

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