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How are you Preparing for the Future

Great Imani:

It is time for our Toast and today we are talking about getting ready. A wise man prepares for the future by mastering his current skills and talents. A visionary prepares by observing the trends of the present, learning from both failure and success, and creating a plan that will allow her to use her gifts towards a greater purpose. Which of these are you?  Your ancestors have already paved a clear path towards your future - it is time for you to take a new step. For this discussion, let us thank the Ancestors for finding us at this time. The Daily Toast was born from the spirit of love and culture. Please join us as we sit down with our “Health Drink”' and take time to prepare ourselves for the coming week, the coming year and the coming decade.

Our ancestors are important because they are part of us, because they are the foundation of who we are. We work with our ancestors when we take time to Toast, when we decide to do something special with our families and tribe, when we decide to create something new, when we decide to think outside the box, when we decide to produce something that will change the world. The ancestors will be there to provide inspiration and protection, but we are still required to demonstrate courage. 

Enough of that, here is your Proverb: 

“Words are like bullets; if they escape, you can't catch them again.”

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Great Imani

Great Nia To All And To All Good Life

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