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Invest in “Life Care” in 2023. Take some time & learn to harness your axe’ (life force) & connect to our peoples collective & ancient wisdom. 

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In my regiment I have added the healing power of an overlooked resource. Although I have Known about them for years, I recently decided to get serious. For the last 2 months I have been experimenting with them. I am currently using “Ultimate Mushroom Complex” by Fresh Cap. I switched to this brand because I only had to take 2 per day. The “Om Master Blend” required that I take 4. They both are excellent, and I must say that I have been feeling the effects. What is crazy is that I have really been feeling the effects in the bedroom. I have been putting some of my brothers up on the mushroom game and they have been having similar effects. My mind is also clearer & my energy is good.

I have had an issue with falling asleep during the day for years, but that is now happening a lot less. Both formulas use Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Cordyceps, and Reishi. But “Fresh Cap” also adds Turkey Tail & Maitake. Read up on mushrooms, discuss with your health care provider and see if they are a good fit for you.

My Personal Journey through The #NguzoSaba Challenge

For the last 11 weeks I have been going through the Nguzo Saba Challenge. I am currently revisiting the Player’s Pyramid. I use the course to inoculate myself with our culture before I enter the world. The process has helped me stay on point at work. The conversations that we have in the private group are incredible and I would love to see you in the house. Get on board and try it out.

Music & Books

I have been listening to Bob Marley’s “Johnny Was” and Ahmad Jamal a lot recently. Helps keep me focused on becoming a master. Listening to the story that Bob Marley tells, and the keys that Ahmad Jamal chooses is incredible, and will help you get in a meditative state. 

The books that I am listening to are Simon Sinek's “Infinite Game” and I just recently listened to the third installment of the “Sandman”  by Neil Gaiman. Simon Sinek breaks down the advantage of living life as an infinite game over looking at it as a limited game. Some ancient thought that will sound very familiar to those in the culture. The Sandman was more of an escape but a great story, and yall know brother ha2tim loves a good story.

T-Shirts Finally

The Warrior Initiative is producing t-shirts “on purpose with purpose”. We have finally launched our Fashion company, and it is run by the younger warriors. This Initiative is led by Brother Ty’keice (Majestic Level), Brother Cleve (Majestic Level), and Brother Edreese (Brother Level). These brothers will be producing the shirts for Gye-Nyame Journey, and they can also serve you. We are launching our “TooBlack” line and they can be personalized. So if you have an ancestor that you want to proudly wear, hit them up.

If you have a need of T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies for your organization, family reunion or anything else be sure to reach out to Brother Ty’Keice @

Finally,Gye-Nyame Journey TV

Join us on Gye-Nyame Journey TV. We are streaming 24/7. I have taken the time to put all of my old shows into one place. Tune in @ GNJ.Media

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Peace, Power, Joy and 1hunid years.....

Brother ha2tim

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