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Hip-Hop Culture or hip-hop culture

Great Ujamaa:

We are still moving through “Freedom Within Limits”. Today we will hit on Hip-Hop culture, and the influence that it wielded on my generation. The Hip-Hop movement emerged from the Black community  as an innovative way for artistic expression, but was quickly co-opted by forces that saw profit as a way to expand their brands.  Whether you were into rap, breakdancing, or the other parts of Hip-Hop it all originated from the underground.  In this episode, I discuss how the culture is (was) a kind of mass hypnosis that opened up creativity and made people feel like they could overcome their challenges and climb to great heights. Hip-Hop was such a powerful force that I personally believe that it has shaped the world that we live in. I find it hard to believe that Hip-Hop has done so much but yet the world still is hanging on to old paradigms that will destroy everything.

We also may have time to discuss the birth of the Ha2ku. Those of you that have been listening to me know that I have no problem taking a good idea and making it mine. Haiku was a good idea that needed to feel the touch of Gye-Nyame and that is exactly what I did! I took a poetic style and turned it into a tool of SelfMastery.

Here is your proverb:

"Whatever nourished the goat until it grew a beard will continue to sustain him."

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