Here is a small pic of what we do!!!

We were finally able to have our first in person meeting for our Tribe, and I wanted to share it with you. Take some time and checkout what it is you are supporting, or maybe consisdering supporting. The purpose of today's training was to remind thetribe of the importance of Tribe, and what we must do to maintain it. We went through the Gye-nyame definition of tribe and then started to demonstrate how to apply this ideas to our lives.

We are also beginning work on our next events which will be Tribe camping trips, and of course you are invited. We will build a village out in the woods and have a great time and learn together. I will let you know the price to participate as well as fundraising information. To help us with our trip their are several things that you can do:

For those interested in joining us on the trip stay tuned info will becoming soon. Camp dates are July 16-18 & Aug 20-22

Now checkout the video & Click the link to become a supporter!!!!

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