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Haters and other Things

Great Ujima:

We will continue going through the book “Freedom Within Limits”. We will cover Act 2, which is a piece about dealing with the haters in our lives. Let’s face it, we need more connection in our lives… We need more real heart to heart communication... We need more intimacy and a feeling of belonging, but instead; most of the time we have to deal with the dark side of people. And unfortunately this dark side can manifest in many different ways. From gossipers, to naysayers, to manipulators and abusers and more. These types of individuals will do whatever they can to knock you down, drain you emotionally; as well as limit your potential for success. We have to push through the haters.  From there we will move into a quick discussion about being present in the moment, inspiration, ancestral wisdom, coaching and mastery. If there's time left we get into What I can the birth of the Ha2ku. Join us for this morning show and I hope it brings you some value, and information that you can use. Tune in to the show!!!

Here is your Proverb:

"We shall not give the hyena twice."

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