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Ha2ku By ha2tim

Great Ujima:

This morning we will move to the chapter entitled “Ha2ku By ha2tim”. We are going to look deeper into the SelfMastery process. What are we waiting for? Why are we not being authentic? Our pain and suffering becomes our justification in following the path of least resistance which can lead to a resentment toward ourselves. It is  time that we take control of our lives and honor who we really are rather than falling into the zombie-like existence of someone else who tells us what to think, do, and where to go? We need to integrate a new paradigm shift. We must understand that if we simply try harder, it will get better, fails us more clearly. It all comes down to courage. Let’s explore how you can responsibly draw out your intuition and take charge of your journey by loosing the  chains forged through fear of failure. The key to self-mastery and freedom is to embrace the concept of limits. Many slaves are bound by their own behaviors, not just physically, but mentally as well. Viewing something from the outside and not fully understanding it can help limit our abilities to be creative. Sometimes we mistakenly believe that an idea is nothing more than a passing fancy that will get lost in the backgrounds of our minds if we don’t give it the time of day.

Freedom is only as good as the person who is setting up the parameters for freedom. This book will dive into the process of self mastery and setting up your own limits. Consider what choice you have really had in this matter and begin to embrace freedom from the freedom you gave away through the choices you made out of fear. We must first realize that we have given it away and then understand how to get it back. I hope that through my writing you find more courage to act on your desires, more honesty in living, and less fear in living freely.

I know some of you like books you can touch, goto my Author Page and checkout this book and others , now here is your proverb:

"If you offer to share your seat with a person who has a big bottom your bound to lose it completely."

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