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Gym Strong, or Life Strong? Which Is More Important?

Great Kujichagulia:

We are surrounded by fakeness. Fakeness in the media. Fakeness in the products we buy. The clothes we wear. The food we eat. And how about the people you interact with? Are people truly genuine, or are they simply putting on a show for others? What is true strength? What does it look like? A common goal for many people is to lift as much weight in the gym as possible. They want to see how far they can push themselves and test the limits of their physical potential. That is definitely a goal and any good Gye-Nyame Man or Woman should challenge him or herself and encourage strengths in that area. But the limiting factor for many has been this idea that true strength only comes from working out, without even considering what else life demands of you. For example a gym provides a safe and stagnant environment where everything is balanced, when in life things are not like that. I was in a conversation and I had to ask the question, gym strong, or life strong? Which is more important? Today I would like to talk to you about my perspective on this topic. I've talked about personal development in the past on some of the topics we have been over. I want to go into a deeper level because strength isn't just being able to lift heavy weights at the gym or having pecs and biceps out of this world. Strength means that you're able to walk your talk and do what you say you will do when you say you will do it. Gye-Nyame demands that we be useful, so we must know our purpose, first and foremost and do whatever it takes to achieve it by any means necessary. Here are questions for those on the #NguzoSabaChallenge;

What is true strength? What does it look like?

What is the difference between gym strength and life strength?

Did you ever feel that life was too hard and you just wanted to give up?

What do you think makes a person life strong?

The term "gym strong" is something that a lot of people use to describe someone who is in physically good shape, but can't perform well in other areas of their life. For example, a person may be very fit and muscular but may not be able to make it through life's challenges or difficult times. This term is not intended to degrade anyone, but rather to judge how effective someone is in real life and how they can apply their strength throughout the day. In contrast, a person who has the ability to be strong when life gets hard is considered "life strong." Truly being life strong requires you to be mentally on point all the time. Life will throw all types of obstacles at you and you must have the mental fortitude to get through them. Sometimes this may mean pushing yourself past your limits physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. A true Gye-Nyame Man or Woman strives for this type of strength because they know that it will take them further than anything else in their lives.

Here are 5 signs that you are Life strong:

1. You are intentional about your choices

2. You want to help others

3. You know that at times you need to be selfish

4. You are willing to let go of people and things that do not support your health or well-being

5. You love yourself as much as you love others

Here is your proverb of the day:
It's not the monkey on top that make a tree fall but it's the work and effort of numerous small insects and ants.

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