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Gye-Nyame Number System: Master the math behind success!

In our book "The Player's Pyramid" we describe that life is a game, and it requires you to play by the rules of the competition. One of those rules is understanding the symbols used around you. Believe it or not numbers are symbols that can help you look deeper into life and events around your life. Are you aware of the numbers that shape your life? Are you aware of how they can be used to your advantage? That's what the Gye-Nyame Number System is all about. Our number system is a powerful tool for understanding and improving your life. It is based on ancient Numerology systems updated for modern day use. These ancient systems believed every number had its own vibration and symbolic representation that had an effect on us.

The Gye-Nyame system brings ancient Numerology systems together into one number system. It will give you the keys to understand yourself and those around you better. Understanding life isn't just about knowing numbers, it's about understanding their vibrational significance and how to use them for our benefit.

  1. Interdependence

  2. Cooperation

  3. Communication

  4. Order

  5. Freedom

  6. Family

  7. Study, Rest & Perfection

  8. Power

  9. Completion 

    Here is your proverb of the day:

    Don't underestimate the wisdom of ancestors.

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