Gye Nyame Journey: What We Teach and What We Do

Great Nia:

It is something about stories and being able to weave them that makes it possible to bring people together. In Gye-Nyame Journey we use stories to build bridges between our members, and we are sharing some of those stories with you. Be swept away by the wisdom and revelations of the Warrior Handbook for Life's Journey. You'll learn core principles to help you live a more fulfilled and successful life. Gye-Nyame Journey brings these principles to life through stories, art, traditions, and sacred ceremonies that will enable you to build a community that supports you on your journey. Be Led into a world of balance, unity, freedom from fear and freedom from anger.

The Warrior Handbook for Life's Journey is a book about personal growth and community building, inspired by the story of Gye. It provides insight about Gye-Nyame, our history, our myths and stories, and the purpose of our tribe.

If you are a Supporter you already have access in your library to "The Warrior Handbook For Life's Journey", if you are not you can get your digital copy by just clicking the link. For those that want a book you can goto "Warrior Handbook To Life's Journey Book".

Enough of that here is your proverb:

"Sanity is the playground for the unimaginative."

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