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Great Umoja

Peace Family

Great Umoja we are up and doing our Daily Toast, we hope that you are able to join us. We daily Toast our Ancestors, and we invite you to add your ancestors to the list. For us part of the healing process is to recognize those that came before us. We salute those Ancestors that helped us in our lives, and those who left wisdom that guide us through the many stresses and strains we experience on the daily. We focus on our personal Ancestors so feel free to send your names to us. There is a saying that 'Hell for an African is being forgotten", we strive to never forget those that came before us especially in our families. Be sure to like, subscribe, and as my daughter Shasha Mosh says click the notification. Also goto GNJ.Media and sign up for an account, we will have the site running at full steam soon....

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Daily Toast - Umoja 3821-5

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Great Imani

Great Nia To All And To All Good Life

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