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Great Ujima

Great Day Fam:

I have had a successful start to my next #21daynguzosabachallenge, I have added a few things to my program. This is tough for me because as of 1121-5 I have moved into a 7 year (persoanl). In Gye-Nyame we describe the number 7 as the number that represents "study, rest, & perfection". It was in a seven year that I was shot. I was doing to much and refused to hear the wisdom of 7. I was not getting rest, I was not studying, and I was not moving toward perfection. As a result The universe slowed me down with a bullet.

That is a story for another day but it is time for the Toast & here is the proverb of the day for you to ruminate upon:

“Having a good discussion is like having riches.”

For those that want to share their insight!!!

Here is the link for the show

Ujima Toast

It's time for Nia

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