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Great Ujamaa

Peace FAM:

Hope this morning email brings value into your life. Here at GNJMedia, hopefully your tribal home, we have many traditions. One that I want to discuss with you this morning is the way we look at the day. We decided to stop dealing with the day the way we were taught. We believe that the chains that hold us in bondage in these days are in the mind. So we started using small ideas to help move our people toward freedom. One of the starting points for us was taking back our time. We not only wanted to take back the idea of the day but we wanted to put some cultural "Funk" on it. We decided to simply decided to align the days of the week with our principle system.  Now this simple idea does two major things:

1. It helps us take back our time, it causes us to have to pause in discussions with each other and identify where we are in "Time & Space", acting as an anchor that holds us in our African Reality.  Since we no longer are giving our power over to west asian deities in what we call the day we now empower African Thought. daily destroying some of the mental chains that hold us.

2. It causes us to have to reflect on our Principles daily, and enables to focus on a principle each day. We also are able to identify a personal relationship with a principle since we all identify which principle we are born under.

The crazy part of this system is that the more people that participate in this system the more powerful it becomes. You begin to see the results seep into your life in ways that will begin to amaze you. I am saying all of this to thank you for your support, and to inform those who may not understand the emails. If you are not one of our direct supporters please consider becoming one by clicking the link GNJMedia Supporter

OHH Yeah Almost forgot here is your proverb of the Day:

"Do not let what you cannot do tear from your hands what you can!"

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Ujamaa Toast

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Great Imani

Great Nia To All And To All Good Life

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