Great Nia

Family we have made to another NIa & I am so glad that you are here with us. I will eventually begin sending out a video with this email, but i have to start getting up earlier (3:30- 4AM). Not ready for that yet, but we will get there. Here is the Proverb of the day....

Hey don't just read it, allow it to roll around your mind and do what we call in Gye-Nyame Tribe 'Wisdom Mining", so here you go:

"Strategy is better than Strength"

So simple but yet so true, can you share a time with me when you saw the truth in this proverb... You can write, record, or videotape a response. 

Don't forget to come to our digital crossroads and bring your glass & ancestors list... "Let's start our systematic process"

Nia Toast (Digital Crossroads)