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Great Kuumba


To those who have not figured we at Gye-Nyame Journey, have replaced the days of the week with the Nguzo Saba, we use our principles to mark the passing of time. We do this to help us plug into our culture, and remind us of at least one of our principles per day. Those that are in the Tribe take it very serious, and when we slip up and use the wrong name for a day in the week we do push-ups. Now i'm suggesting that you do the same, but what i am challenging you today is to look at your life and see how you have incorporated your culture into your daily life. One of my elders from the Native American community hipped me to a concept that he uses "La Cultura Cura", this simply means that Culture Cures. How have you been plugging into your Culture, and I am not talking about the capitalist based culture that was developed for us during our Sojourn here in the Americas. We have an opportunity to create something new, from the ashes of what has been left by our Ancestors or we can be brave, and bold enough to do the work, and move toward healing.

Join us for the Toast This morning and be sure to share because we are growing in number and power. Slowly but surely we will win!!!

Toast&Talk Kuumba 4321-5

HOT!!! Conversation & Healing

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Great Imani

Great Nia To All And To All Good Life

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