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Great Imani

I know that it has been a while since you heard from me. I am once again rebuilding and thinking about how I can be more effective. I have changed a few things about what we do over here at GNJMedia, to make it simplier for all involved.

  1. I have started posting the Toast one day a week. This gives me more time to work on other projects, and it allows me to get a better idea of who is really utilizing the video. When I streamed it out everyday I could not get a proper Idea on who was really using the ritual, and I started to get blocked on different apps. So if you goto to our facebook page, youtube, or spreaker you will find the Toast for the week. Remember the process is the same if you want to add something or someone to the Toast.
  2. I have stepped back and started supporting others that are creting content. Right now brother Kwame is doing his thing on Spreaker on Tribal Quotes (click the link to join his Journey). Make sure you tune in because Kwame our Black Yoda is doing his thang. Right now he is working on his series called "Being Black, Boldly Brilliant & Beautiful" he is interviewing young people in relation to our African proverbs. I truly believe that you will be doing yourself a disservice if you do not checkout the work that he is doing.
  3. I have cut all my shows and now I am will be co-hosting a show with Dr.Jacks. The show is called ConneXtions and we will be hitting on topics ranging from spirituality to financial literacy. I will include one of the shows with this post. Those on this list will be amongst the first to hear and see what we are doing, I will include the firsts show on this post. Also you are invited to join us on "Sofa Chat" every Imani (Sunday) night at 7pm and see Dr.Jack work. I will include the flyer as well.

  1. We are now focusing on creating our own merch. We have our warriors ready to create t-shirts and soon other products in the near future, and we will be posting about that soon.Thank you for your support and hopefully I will se you on the Sofa tonight.....


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Great Nia To All And To All Good Life

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