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Gratitude , Ujamaa and the source of intimacy

What does gratitude do for us?  It's a simple question with a profound answer. I often ask myself that question when I think about the amazing things my eyes, ears, hands and legs can all do without me even thinking about it. My mind can remember every second of every day that has passed, or is passing (or at least used too)... That is truly AMAZING! Gratitude is a spiritual experience that makes us take pause from the countless material possessions we can acquire in life. It takes the focus off of ourselves and puts it onto others. It reminds those of us who may have forgotten to notice the many gifts bestowed upon them. How grateful are you? Here are some of the things that gratitude can bring into our tribe and personal lives:

1. It makes life more enjoyable

2. Gratitude can change the way we act toward others

3. Being grateful allows us to live less stressful lives

4. Gratitude improves our social connections and strengthens our relationships with others

5. Experiencing gratitude brings happiness into our lives

6. Being grateful to others, as well as ourselves, helps us to be more optimistic and trust others more deeply in general

7. Gratitude helps us see the big picture of life around us and the importance of each person

8. Gratitude makes us want to help others

9. Gratitude places even the smallest amongst us on a pedestal.

10. Gratitude is the missing ingredient that brings our greatest dreams to life

11. Gratitude helps us to live with greater passion and purpose

As a world we are drifting from an attitude of gratitude to one of annoyance, dissatisfaction and resentment. Ujamaa is built on principles of sharing and belonging. We are connected. These great principles would not exist without feelings of gratitude. But as corporations and brands capitalize on our need for belonging, their voice drowns out ours, leading to division rather than unity, disconnection instead of connection. Our world is in need of a shift. As Ujamaa we have an opportunity to create a paradigm shift, to cultivate gratitude instead of entitlement. Our investment in Tribe and then community over the individual and our appreciation for the gifts of others will help define what it means to be human in the 21 st century.

Here is your proverb:

Why take away something by force which you can obtain by love.

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