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Going To The Next Level With GNJ.Media

Peace Kwanzaa FAM:

I first want to thank you if you took the time to sign up on GNJMedia. We understand that the site can be a little more complicated than you are used to, but please believe that in the end it will be worth it. We built this site with the Principles of Kwanzaa in mind. Our goal is to develop a social network, and streaming platform that focuses on us (Black People). We wanted to create a space where our Kuumba could run wild, and a place where some of our entrepreneurs could use to make a living, and it is very possible. In fact it is happening for the Gye-Nyame Tribe right now. In order for us to grow our network to what it can be we need your support. Unlike facebook, instagram, youtube, and the other social networks we don’t sell your data. We are able to do what we do because of our GNJMedia Supporters. Believe it or not we were able to stream Kwanzaa for 12 hours a day, and film some videos with only 15 people supporting us. Imagine what we can do when we have over a 100 supporters, or even a thousand. We hope that you would consider becoming a supporter and help us reach more of our people.

Now it was brought to our attention that many of you have had problems signing up or logging in. Here is a video to help you with trying to log on to GNJ.Media. Check It out and let us know if it helps you out. Leave a comment, share with others, and let's build a tribe that reaches world wide. I know that I am not the only one that has been blocked on other social networks for my views, or have been prevented from sharing my content. Here on GNJ.Media we are building a private platform for those in the Kwanzaa Community.

Please comment and let us know if this video helped you with your issues of signing in. We will have follow up videos on how to further use the site. Like many of you we are still in the learning phase, so let's learn together. Welcome to the Tribe and help us spread the word. 

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Great Imani

Great Nia To All And To All Good Life

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