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Freedom Part 2

Great Umoja:

We are now talking about, “being free from resentment under the experience of wrong.”  This is a really difficult place to be and it takes a lot of strength and courage to remain free in this place. We all know what it's like to hurt, but we also know how sensitive we can become when we feel hurt by others. Our hearts can close and we can even become fearful as people come at us more aggressively than we want to be approached. This is why it's best not to take things personally.

Know that your hostile environments can be opportunities for growth. You have to take control of how you handle these situations. In looking at the lives of those who do you wrong, you can learn what they might need from you to make a connection and resolve hostility. Sometimes we must look at their perspective and hold them in compassion, as compassion creates the permission we need to solve problems.

The resentment of others is difficult to endure. It also keeps you tethered to the source of the hurt, and causes you to suffer twice, because of your anger and their unpleasant behavior. Don't let this be how you handle resentments. Having a hostile environment in your life is an opportunity for you to grow and develop your character. When you feel that the world has collectively decided to attack you, or that everyone is out to get you or that all eyes are upon you, there's no need to get defensive. Being paranoid will only put you in a closed state and close off your best abilities. You can take this opportunity to work on releasing your resentment and transforming your anger into something useful.

Enough of that here is the proverb of the day:

"A dog that belongs to every one will die of hunger."

so true!!!!!

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