Great Imani

We have made it to talking about freedom, congratulations! First step is to remain free in the face of persecution. Persecution is when you run into ill treatment or hostility for being you. This can be very uncomfortable but we have to be able to deal with this. Realize that most people are dealing with you from a point of not understanding. This is due to their own fears and inadequacies, not your weaknesses. Hundreds of studies have proven that humans are mostly influenced by their environment, not intellect or facts. You need to politely ignore most or what people say, don't engage in useless arguments, and learn to forgive those that do not yet realize they are flawed.  Learning to let go of resentment is one of the hardest but most important parts of dealing with persecution. The way that you change your heart is by changing your focus away from what you are feeling towards the person who hurt you. Rather than why they treated you poorly, work towards how I can help them to do good. When you focus on the act of kindness, it will not only heal your heart but also produce an attitude change in the hostile party. If change does not happen in them it is not your fault.

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