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Folktale Time


We about to go live over her at the Journey, We about to discuss the story "The Boy & The Nettles" tune in and share your wisdom or just lay back and listen in. The Blackline will be open for discussion 614-556-4535. 

I have been trying to get another exclusive piece ready, and I am trying to figure how to present it to you. I could just send the document, but I am thinking about grabing some of the Tribe and putting on an audio drama, what do you think. Just hit me up in the email let me know what you think. I plan to send yall a sneak peak of chapter 1 the name of the project is "The Quiet Revolution" subtitle is "The Baba" this project is about 20 years old, but still relevent.

FFGF- The Boy & The Nettles

It's time for Nia

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