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Find your Tribe find your Purpose

Great Nia Fam:

Today I will be discussing the power of purpose, but in order to reach that power we must first find our Tribe. Tribe helps us focus our mind and hone in on what we were born to do. Tribe empowers us, and helps us reach our goals. In reaching our goals we help the Tribe. The only thing that would set us apart from each other is our purpose, but it's hard to realize what your purpose is. Where do you start? How do you determine your life's purpose? Where do you even begin? For some this is something they have always had, for others they have to discover it first. Gye-Nyame Journey helps you find The Tribe in a methodical way that blends mindfulness and soul in a clever system to help you find kindred souls during your Journey.

 Gye-Nyame Journey doesn't see a big difference between a group of friends and a group of strangers, except that a group of friends know each other. A tribe is just a large group of people who have come together with a common purpose. So what does it mean for you? What kind of things could you achieve if you united with your Tribe? Let's find out! Enough of that be sure to tune in.

Here is your proverb:

"You are only young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely."
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