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False Treasures Are Holding You Back

Great Kujichagulia:

So what is a false treasure? It's any idea or concept in our minds that keeps us from reaching our full potential. It's an idea that keeps your thinking small. Your mind is your greatest power. The words you speak create your world. Be mindful of your words, of what you allow yourself to even think about. In this post, I will inform and inspire you on how to recognize these false treasures and release them so that they can no longer block you from your greatness. False treasures are beliefs, ideas, and principles that stand in the way of you living the life you desire most. They are fears that hold you back! Connecting with people is a great way to discover your false treasures because it puts thoughts into action; it makes beliefs real by testing them out and seeing if you like the results or not. We attract people who reflect back to us the false treasures we are holding onto. If we want to change our lives, the first thing we need to do is clear out these false treasures so they can no longer block us from our greatness. What are some examples of false treasures? thoughts like:

"It's not possible."

"I'm not good enough."

"I don't have time."

"I don't deserve it."

Unfortunately we keep most of our false treasures in our mind, and we need to take time to do a mental cleanse, and release the toxic thoughts that are holding us back. Here are some questions to wrestle with:

What false treasure do you want to release?

What false treasure or idea are you holding onto? What could be the consequences of continuing to hold on to this idea?

What are some false treasures in your life and how can you replace them with real treasures?

In the Gye-Nyame Tribe we attempt to help our tribe member recognize these false treasures so that they can move past them. Here are 3 Steps to Recognizing and Releasing False Treasures

1. Is it based in fear? Fear isn't logical. It keeps you from living fully. Any concept that keeps you from living your fullest life is a false treasure.

2. Is it based on dependence? True power comes from within yourself, not from others, places or things.

3. Can you take action immediately? An idea without action might be just a thought, but an idea with action is your reality!

Now that you have the tools, what are you going to do with them?

Here is your Proverb:

"Until the rotten tooth is pulled out cautiously, the mouth will not have rest."


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