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We are still kicking back here on the Journey. Getting ready to finish the year strong. We have over the last few weeks broke down the days their principle and the names that go with them, peered into the  Nguzo Saba, Shared the secret of the Player’s Pyramid, looked into the principles of Maat, dove into the Hermetic Principles, and then shared our views on the 10 Virtues of Maat. Now I am getting my mind ready to share some of the other ideas of Gye-Nyame by sharing pieces of our books. We invite you in to share with us and go deeper. This process is just the prelude to our 21 week Self Mastery Training. So get it while it is fresh and free. 

If you are a supporter know that all of the rants I mentioned above will come to you for free, and if you are not a supporter they all will be available in our Gumroad Shop. Please remember that we will be linking you directly with our podcast channel. We would appreciate it alot if you would follow,  like and share the content to help us grow.

During the 21 week Self Mastery Training I will take many of these Principles, Deeds, Virtues and Laws, explain them in ways that will help you  understand them. I will talk about why they are important and how they apply to our lives. And how we can use them to discover who we are, to break free from the mental chains that hold many of us hostage.

Enough of that here is your proverb:

"If the rhythm of the drum beat changes, the dance step must adapt."

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Great Imani

Great Nia To All And To All Good Life

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