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Digging in with Imani (6 ways to strengthen your relationship with Imani)

I am writing this directly after I had an incident where I personally had an Ancestral intercession. I had to lean into my Imani and walk in the darkness of life, and it worked. I won't lie and say I was not worried or stressed but what I can say is that it worked out, and I believe I have a responsibility to share what I learned with you.

Faith can be hard! It is the ultimate initiation into our world (Gye-Nyame). Can I trust that the Ancestors that we toast everyday will be there for me. Learning to lean in on our faith, and having trust that the Creator has our back is hard for most. In some cases it is impossible, because of past experiences. Many of us expect things to happen in a certain way and when they don't we believe we have been forsaken. The truth is that we have to release our expectations, and accept the help that our Ancestors send. Faith (Imani) is a muscle that must be worked so that it can be of service in our life, but we have to release the false ideas of control that we have when it comes to events. Many of us, because of a lack of use, do not recognize Imani when it is in action right in our face. Imani requires us to let go and trust in what we say we believe.

When we are afraid to trust, we won't rely on anyone or anything outside of ourselves. We will depend on ourselves and our own limited resources. This is why many times in our lives, we feel overwhelmed and overburdened. We feel like the weight of the world is on our shoulders. We feel like there isn't enough time or energy to get things done. But this needn't be so. If we are willing to trust, then we can allow others to help us. We can allow our Ancestors to move, and more importantly we can allow the Creator to create. When we do this we make room to receive support in doing what needs to be done. We make room for people (that our Ancestor and Creator works through) who care about us to show up and assist us when needed. By being willing to trust, we open doors to help, love and support that weren't available before because we were too afraid of rejection or pain to let anyone in but ourselves! Here are 6 ways to strengthen your relationship with Imani:

1. Tell your friends and family about how the practice of Imani has empowered you

2. Invite people to have discussions about Imani (not religion)

3. Make Imani a daily practice

4. Go out and live your revolution

5. Be proud of your principles and beliefs

6. Help others in your community build their own wealth

here is your proverb:

You cannot send a goat to rescue a lamb from a lion's attack.

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In times past I wouldn't speak of Imani to my family and work associates thinking that if I didn't speak on it out loud it wouldn't be so bad that "it"(what I trusted to take place through the creator) didn't manifest. I quickly learned that holding up the validation of others was a weakness. Weather they approved in my success was immaterial. Now I speak only what is necessary for my family and work associates need to know and sometimes I speak about the trust I have in the Most High Creator to manifest in a particular situation, just so they can know where I drawl my strength. I can mention a few instances; curing my cancer, liberating my mind, establishing love and understanding towards my family and strangers. Thank you for this post Hatim.

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