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Peace Fam:

Did you know that a tumor is a stem cell or group of stem cells that have lost their Identity. I want you to go back and read that statement again! A stem cell for those that may not know are cells that can be produced by your body that have the ability to be transformed into any type of cell that your body needs. Very powerful, and the fact that if the stem cell loses it's Identity it is no longer able to serve the body, and in fact become a danger to the body. If I look at the law of corresspondance and apply it to this situation I can see how this can affect us in the human world, can you? The question each of us need to wrestle with is are we a stem cell to our people or are we a Tumor? 

Great Ujamaa, the rant I will be sharing today is entitled "Economics is not a hard science, So...", and your proverb is:

"We have not inherited this land from our ancestors; rather we have borrowed it from our children."
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