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Deep Purpose 2

Deep Purpose 2


Great Nia:
This morning I had a great write up created but I pushed a button on my mouse and all of my work disappeared. I have spent the last 15 minutes of my work time trying to find my work and I finally decided to get on the grind and begin to write something new. This situation I know many of you can identify with. You make great progress then all of the sudden something hits you and knocks you back to zero. At zero you have a simple choice, you can stop, or you can go back to the drawing board. Deep Purpose is about returning to the drawing board. Because although what you had done before was beautiful, the world still needs what you got. Deep Purpose is about finding that thing that you can serve from zero. You can be totally empty, broken, depressed, and you still will get up and push forward, force growth.

When you find your Deep Purpose, you release a magic into the world that strangely affects you more than the things around you. This magic simply causes you to see differently, and allows you to feel the importance of what you have. So I apologize there will be no questions, or a list, but I will set the example to push through when you don’t want to. To overcome your anger and to deliver to those that you owe something of value in the way promised.


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Great Imani

Great Nia To All And To All Good Life

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