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Death, Defining Self, Magic, Purpose & Economics in one chapter!!!!

Great Umoja:

I once heard a quote that stated;

“It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live.” 

As we begin this chapter, I want to thank you for all your comments, emails, and posts about the last chapter. To those of you who had difficulty with the  style or the wording of my point, please know that it is my intent to make things as easy as possible for you. However, I also want you to get out of your comfort zone because that is where many of you are stuck. The magic comes from connecting with others and sharing your views because even if they don’t agree with your view of things, explaining why in detail will help clarify how you think and how you arrived at your conclusions. Keep this in mind when responding to other’s ideas; there is ALWAYS more than one way to look at a problem. Time for some “Warrior Talk” as we continue moving through the book  “Freedom Within Limits”. In this chapter we will explore death, for most people, death is the most unknown and feared experience. In this chapter we will talk about the meaning of death and the unknown. While it is unknown for us, we have within us the capability to go beyond anything that is known or can be experienced into the deepest unknown. This alone is one of the greatest gifts in life. We will also look at defining self, the roots of magic, finding purpose, and economics. A lot to talk about in such a short amount of time but let’s see if we can do it.

Enough of that here is your proverb:

"It is the spirit that walks a person through darkness."

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