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Danger of being devoted to a purpose in a world of purposelessness

Great Ujima:

Join us today as we examine devotion. Do you have a purpose in your life? Have you devoted yourself to that higher ideal? How about the rest of the world that has lost touch with what devotion is all about? Let's go there today! We all have a purpose in life. Some of us necessarily do not know it yet. It is about knowing yourself and who you are, what you feel you were born to do. Being lost is fine, because that's part of the journey of life. If you are simply lost, then that's okay too. Devotion to Purpose will allow you to live by your convictions rather than allowing others to determine them for you.

In a world where the term "burning out" is used to describe a hard worker who just can't function anymore, it's easy to get off course due to the distractions of everyday life. However, it's important to keep a sense of humor and a level head when exploring your true purpose in life. Our world is so driven by money and material possessions that it's easy to lose sight of our real purpose - helping people or making a difference in society even if it's just within our immediate network. Work hard, but make sure you are working hard for something meaningful. To create a good life you will need to be incredibly focused on the things that will advance your life. You must reject everything that pulls you away from your goals. Finding the right people to help with this is difficult, but it is certainly possible. Whenever you find yourself surrounded by people who don't support who you are becoming, seek new people. Remember that a person devoted to their purpose is a dangerous being. You are a threat because you demonstrate what is possible as far as personal development and this makes those around you uncomfortable. History is full of those who reflected this principle who ended up as the sacrificial lamb for mediocrity. Please don’t let this stop you, and....

Enough of that here is your proverb:

“You can't spread a net to catch a bird that is watching you.”

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