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Countering Oppression with Creativity

What is creativity? Is it the ability to fashion a new idea? Or perhaps it's the spark that triggers radical change? Whatever it is, creativity seems to have an overcharged spiritual force that can unleash something wildly powerful and impactful. It's like Yoga; we do it while chanting or we meditate while doing some sort of artistic act but it's not just about a physical — or in this case — mental expression of manifestation. We are tapping into a different frequency that emerges when we’re not so focused on the material world, but purely on our imagination. To me, creativity is more than just the ability to fashion something new from existing elements. It is the spark that triggers radical change. For those fortunate enough to harness its immense power, creativity can be an agent for social and institutional change from the grassroots to the global platform. In this episode, I will examine creativity as an alternative tool with which we can confront institutions of oppression and exploitation, create new communities of mutual aid and cooperation, provide alternative sources of employment, and generate models for Tribe development that are consistent with our higher potential and values.

Creativity is a force in our lives that makes us human. It gives us the ability to produce and express ourselves as individuals, and it gives us the opportunity to connect with others in ways that we might not have before. You could say that creativity is the difference between being alive and not being alive. But when you look at the world today, you see a lot of institutions that are limiting people's access to this creative force. They want people to be passive, submissive and docile. They want people to conform and obey. They want people to accept the status quo and not think outside of it. And for a lot of people, creativity is suppressed because of these forces. So what does creativity mean? I'm going to explain by defining my understanding of the word "to create." To create means: -To make from nothing -To make anew or better -To give rise to something out of nothing -To bring into being something new or different So creativity is the power or ability to bring new things into existence, new ideas, new forms of expression, new communities of mutual aid and cooperation. It's an act of creation. And it's a fundamental human power that we all have inside us. Here are seven ways that creativity can assist in our struggle:

1. Creativity resists limits

2. Creativity is a multilayered process

3. Creativity replaces old values with new ones

4. Creativity affords holistic thinking

5. Creativity heals divisions created by oppression

6. Creativity unifies from a diverse range of cultural expressions

7. Creativity embodies diversity and unity

Now for us to throw out some of those SelfMastery questions. Get your Journals ready. When you answer please share them with us. If you email them to us I will post them up on our FB page:

How can we harness the power of creativity to address and eliminate oppression?

How do you see creativity as a tool for social change?

What are some ways you have seen creativity be used to foster change?

What is the most creative thing you've ever done?

How do you overcome your creative blocks?

We must recognize the fact that creativity is more than just a “nice to have” in this generation. It is a necessity. We are no longer citizens of a privileged class. We are not protected by the shadow of social programs funded by the oppressed, working class majority. In other words: We have no guarantee of security any longer, and we are our own benefactors. It is time for us to take responsibility for our own futures and begin creating the institutions and models that will support the economic growth of our communities, provide employment that promotes the welfare of the community, and provide opportunities for individual development that can lead to peace and prosperity in our communities. Our creative abilities can be put to use creating these institutions so that one day these solutions might permanently displace those institutions of oppression currently posing as solutions themselves; such as systems of capitalism, globalization, and free trade agreements manipulated to benefit only the pillars upholding them.

Here is your proverb of the day, hope that it comes in handy:

The sun will shine on those who are standing before it shines on those who are sitting.

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