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Control your thoughts & win at life

Great Umoja:

Today we will discuss the first virtue of Maat, which states that in order to become a master you must first have control of your thoughts. This virtue is a guide to greatness. In order to take control of your life you will need to be in control of what flows through your mind. With control of your thoughts you can create what you want. Today, so many people cannot understand how something so simple could help their lives. With control over your thoughts you can start controlling your results in life. Do not let your subconscious mind take control. As you will learn, your mind is the foundation of everything that you are. Learn to master your mind and you master yourself.

Join us today to learn more about this virtue of Maat and how it can lead you to greatness!

Here is your Proverb:

"The path is made by walking."

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