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Can you handle the spear of Truth

Great Kuumba

I've been a truth seeker my whole life. Everything I have done in my life is a search for the truth. Because it's elusive, I've always ended up close to it, but never quite learned what it was. Every encounter with truth has felt like the beginning of the Journey. This is why right now I have such a hard time writing this. Deep down inside of me I know that all of my truths are just approximations and that my master is still waiting for me to learn them properly. And yet here we are: we've made it to the point where now I have to have faith in my ability to wield the truth. Although I have found my higher power, have successfully listened and absorbed the teachings, I find that I still have to have faith in my ability to wield the truth. It has been demonstrated to me many times that what I thought was the truth is false. Can I use the truths I have received to improve myself and my tribe?

That is the question that I continue to wrestle with. How do I use this information that is flowing to build something long lasting. This is why I have discussing the principles, sharing my insights,and recording the outcome. We here at Gye-Nyame have reached a point where we have to begin to demonstrate (Wield) the truths and how they can sustain someone. We have begun putting together our 21 week training for those that are interested in joining our tribe or building their own. We will be dropping the information for the training soon enough.....

Here is your proverb:

 “If you ignore your own relatives you will serve the outsiders.”

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Great Nia To All And To All Good Life

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